I got a call from the local vets office with the number to a man that had reported a horse abandoned on his property. He said the horse looked very bad and possibly blind. He was afraid to approach the horse when I talked to him on the phone but, gave me directions to where the horse was last seen. My son & I hooked up the trailer and headed out. The property owner had told us that there was no access to water there & it was important that we get to the horse asap. When we arrived to the property we came to a cross road. I had been told to go one direction but, my gut told me to go the other. After about 2/10 of mile down the road I saw what looked like a large bolder but, then I thought it moved. My son thought it was a stone as well but there she stood with her head down, looking down into water that her dry throat could not reach. She was very thin & covered in sores, rain rot & looked to be very weak. I was happy to see she was not blind but, instead she looked up at me with beautiful blue eyes. I opened my door & waited for her to bolt but she continued to stare at me like she had been waiting for us. I approached her with the halter and bucket of feed. Once I shook the bucket her eyes came to life and she took a step towards me. I reached out to touch her pitiful head as she leaned into my touch. My heart  broke as I got closer to her and got a better look at her frail body. A sound finally came ... a very weak whinny.  She had trouble walking and standing due to infected cuts that kept breaking open when she tried to move her feet. It appeared as if she had been hobbled or tangled in something that had cut into her flesh. I stood over her & rubbed her body as she shoved her face into the feed & began to eat. I talked to her to reassure her that she was safe. Getting her on the trailer was extremely hard for many reasons but, we were patient with her & finally got the job done. She continued to eat as the trailer headed for home. She unloaded very well & whinnied with her tiny voice to all the other horses that came to the fence to greet her. Once in the sunlight I understood more as to why she looked like a bolder in color ... she had been covered in burnt motor oil. There was an old wives tale that this was a good treatment for mange & other skin problems in animals but, it had only done her more harm. The oil had soaked into her sores and irritated the rain rot & open wounds. After a quiet night in a stall we brought her out & bathed her to remove the oil & dirt. We were careful to use things that would clean her without further irritating her skin. She flinched in pain although we rubbed her gently. She did so well during her bath & as we dressed her wounds. She ate well & then grazed in our yard. As friends dropped in to meet the new girl she was given a name by one of our Whippoorwills, "Gypsy". It will forever remind us of how she wondered aimlessly without a home ... food or shelter. The name seemed very fitting for this sweet little girl. We don't know anything of her past nor her age with the exception that she is a Medicine Hat Paint. All we know for now is that she has a long road to healing & enjoys love. We know that one day she will be all that she was meant to be but, for now her journey has begun & you can watch her progress here. I can only hope that she will forget the days alone and abandoned & the cruel treatment she received from other humans. 
God has blessed Gypsy with a new loving Mother. Kristy & Gypsy hit it off right away and now reside together in GA. May God continue to bless you both in your new life together. 


In loving memory of John Michael Dwyer we were gifted a donation in his name. This kindness touch my heart and the only request was that we hang a plaque in John's name in our barn. I wanted to take it a step further and bring in one in need in John's honor as well. 
In a quiet corner of a kill pen, I saw her. Head down and no faith left in man, she would not allow me to touch her. She was so small she had been forgotten when the auction ended. Not wanting to leave her behind I searched out to find what it would take to make her a Whippoorwill. Before I knew it I had her tiny head in a halter too large but, we managed to tie it on well enough to lead her. Once I was finally able to touch her, she calmed down a bit when she saw I meant her no harm. Walking up into the trailer with me, we were homeward bound. 
Her tiny little frame stood so small in the large trailer and the fear in her eyes was real. I was so excited to share her with the world. She ate well and her stall was readied. By the next days light she  was roaming the pasture and wandering close enough for me to touch her. 
Being that she is a girl, John Michael is still her namesake but, we call her little Johnny. She is as spry as a fairy and quick as lightning. I love her enormous spirit in that small body and watching her thrive is a daily reminder of life's blessings  and my amazing life of being able to give her another chance.  Johnny is gaining weight, her hooves are improving and she runs with the big girls now. God bless you sweet one ... looking down the road to where you can be all that you were meant for. Welcome little Whippoorwill. 
UPDATE: Johnny has a new life, loving home and a girl of her very own. God bless and Thank You Kelly.

Rumour & Dasher

I gathered my nerve,  another member of Whippoorwill Horses, Inc, & headed to the sale barn. This is something very hard for me to face, knowing with the funds we have, that we can only bring home one horse at a time.
We walked the length of the barn looking for the chosen horse. I prayed a silent prayer that God would lead me to the one in most need of my help. Trust me when I say this ... there were MANY. For all we saw, our hearts were aching. I had seen many thin and broken bodies and in the midst of it all I kept coming back to one horse that would only let me see her hips and, that alone told her story. I walked in the pen in hopes of getting a better look. I met her eye to eye only for a moment before she turned to hide again in a corner behind the other horses she was penned with. In the moment I saw her face, I saw fear and total lack of trust for a human touch. From the looks of her body, it wasn't just her hips that were thin. This poor mare was skin and bones. Her milk bags were full and I found out that they had just taken her baby from her. 
We sat and watched as each horse ran through the sale. I saw this mare come through in disbelief. She had a rider on her back and was doing her best to rack. I couldn't believe she was able to hold up herself much less the weight of a man. The mare I had waited for never came through. I had chosen her in another pen and was certain she would be going home with me but then ... fate stepped in. After the sale was over I went back to find "Rumour" about to be loaded for slaughter. There were a few young boys standing around with their Healer dogs and were sicking them on her hind legs. I called the dog off and asked that they stop. It was decided ... I asked the buyer to sell her to me & he agreed. 
It took about half an hour to "talk" her off the trailer in my yard. I spoke softly to her in order to calm her as best I could. Finally her feet touched the earth again and she was just as terrified. As soon as I knew it was safe to tie her, I gathered fresh water and feed. She ate first from my hand and then devoured the rest. I stayed with her in the darkness until I could feel her begin to calm herself. She let me brush her frail body and rub her pretty face. Just before the sun came up, I turned her out to the pasture. As I was pulling off the halter I prayed with her that she would not be harmed and that I would not find her lifeless in the morning when I woke up. "Rumour" let me rub her back once more before she walked off into the darkness. 
First thing when I woke up I ran out to see her. She was ALIVE. I can not say how thankful I was to see her face and her bright  eyes. This girl is a fighter and we are now on our way to watching her make a comeback. 
We are in need of anything and everything you can offer to help us help "Rumour". I know times are tough but she can use anything you have to offer. (i.e) Hay, feed, and monetary donations that will go directly to her cause. She will need vet and farrier care, medications for wounds as well as shots she has missed out on. Smaller things such as wormer are appreciated as well. 
Thank you so much for reading her story and please keep check on her progress as I will keep you posted.
Rumour will one day be ready for adoption & she will be everything I know she can be .... Beautiful & Happy.

So many things have happened to Rumour since I have last posted. On June 24th 2013, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Rumour and her son Dasher will forever be permanent residents here at Whippoorwill Horses. 
Rumour has taken over 2 years to trust us and Dasher was imprinted here and has special needs due to his traumatic birth. They both continue to bless and amaze our hearts.

Faith and Gabriel


Faith came across some very hard times. She is a young sweet girl of 5 that was once loved dearly but, somehow she ended up in the wrong hands. She is thin, has a bad case of rain rot, her eye was punctured & left untreated & to top it off she will have a baby soon. The first picture  was taken the day after she arrived. She had to be sedated due to having her 3rd eyelid sewn open in order to promote healing. We don't know if her eye will be saved but, she has a great vet working with her & us at Whippoorwill. We were told that her baby is due in March & we are giving her all the love & care she deserves. Although her eye is swollen and painful, this loving girl allows us to medicate her daily. She craves attention and gets excited each time we walk into the barn. Her sweet little whinny calls to my heart. Faith needs a lot right now & she requires our attention around the clock but, we are so honored to have her love us back & what a precious reason to wake up each day.
It will be a miracle to witness if we can get her well. We will keep you updated. Send her a prayer. 
UPDATE: Faith looks so much better & is so loving. She came out to join the gang today & is truly enjoying the sunshine & life. She may never see out of her eye again but, it looks like her eye will be saved. The baby is due in March & we are very excited. 
Faith & her precious baby boy, Gabriel were adopted together. They now live on a beautiful farm in Cleveland, TN. They will be working directly with young children through their new Mom, Kathy and a local 4-H Program. Young horse lovers will grow in horsemanship through Gabriel and learn the very valuable lesson through sweet Faith and the loss of her sight in one eye, that even when a horse isn't perfect, they still hold a great value
and love just as strongly. 
Their road to healing & happiness has been amazing & never forgotten. May God bless & keep you always Faith & Gabriel. 


He was in the kill pen until someone decided to get him out & saddle him up. I couldn't believe how calm & gentle he was. Unfazed by the noise & ciaos of the sale barn, he walked off with rider looking straight ahead & minding his manners. He did everything asked of him and with that soulful look in his eyes he carried on. With the shout of the auctioneer over head he showed us that he could remain calm in turmoil & take care of his rider. The man pulled his tail, hopped up & down on his skinny back & with smacks on his hips from surrounding men ... he remained a gentle giant. Without a second thought we raised our hands & he came home with us. With a good meal & introduction to our herd he headed off to mind his own business. He doesn't run from humans, he seeks a gentle touch. His big brown eyes wait for me by the fence & I feel my good fortune & his when I look at him.  He is good, he is kind, he is strong & he will shine here. In time his teeth will be floated due to the fact he loses almost all of the grain he tries to consume. His feet will be worked with & his this body will fill out to fit his size. This guy has the heart of a lion & the soul of lamb. Keep an eye on him :).  
Jackson has taken deep root within our hearts & will be staying on with Whippoorwill Horses. He is older than we were told & has some mild issues with arthritis but, his gentle loving nature is something that makes him worth his weight in gold to us.  He will rein here always as our greeter, ambassador and friend. 


Peaches is a beautiful 2 yr old mini horse. She is 34 inches high at the shoulders. She was rescued from an owner who had threatened to shoot and kill all the horses he had. Peaches had never been handled with kindness before and was simply terrified of people. She was head shy and would bite you out of fear. Today she is a happy girl and has begin to understand love and kindness. Peaches is still young but, does accept a rider very well and in time, when she is old enough, will be a great little girl under saddle or the perfect addition to any family. She is healthy and sweet. 
Peaches - Now Josie, Has been adopted by her wonderful foster Mom, Linda. 
She has a most beautiful home and surrounded by so much love. Josie has become more trusting and bonding well with her new Mom Linda. I know these two will be blessed with many years together. Congrats to the both of you. 

Roxie - Sweet Pea - Pika

Pika was rescued from neglect by a woman with a kind heart. She brought him back to better health and body weight. We took him in to have him join our herd of Whippoorwills with open arms. He was shy and a little fearful when he came but, as he turned the corner he became one amazingly loving boy. Under saddle he is in more need of training due to a rearing problem. Once we believe his problems have been worked out, he will be available. 

Roxie was owner surrender and very loving mare. She is young and spirited. 

Sweet Pea was owner surrender and very much lives up to her name.
UPDATE: Pika, Roxie ans Sweet Peas were adopted together and now flourish under saddle and in the realms of family and love. Congrats to you Louanne and Thank You!!


Gracie was in a pasture with 2 of her older babies where a friend of mine was keeping 3 of her horses. I noticed Gracie didn't have a name & was only called "Mama Horse". She seemed shy & quiet and always stayed more to the background of all the goings on. I got a call that Gracie was having trouble walking & after a few more days she couldn't walk at all. She appeared to be in a lot of pain and held one foot up at all times.
We called a local vet out & we were told that she had "White Line Disease" as well as "Thrush" in her front feet. This was the point that we decided she needed a name & much needed vet care. Gracie also had Sarcomas on one side of her face and in her ear. Her teeth needed floating as she was having trouble eating and didn't appear to take in much food at all without it being painful. The vet told us that since the pasture she was in was flooded and the barns roof was not good shelter that she needed to go back with him for further care. Gracie's hooves had to be partly cut away where they had separated from the hoof wall, her teeth were floated to remove all sharp points, sarcoma's were removed & she had medications for all of the pain she was in. After 3 days at the vets office, we arranged transportation and brought her home to Whippoorwill, after owner surrender. She was put in a dry stall with a warm winter jacket. She was very curious of all her new surroundings and new pasture mates. We continue her treatments on her hooves and we watched  as she enjoyed her grain & hay without pain.She took all of this in stride and never made a fuss. It was decided to let her out for a walk so she could get to know her new family & pasture. We honestly expected her to come out slowly and limp around through the pasture. Gracie gave us a great surprise by running, jumping & kicking up her heals. After the second day out of her stall she made friends with one of our mares, Annie. Gracie is a sweet girl with a kind eye and is learning the joy of feeling good again. She is approximately 14.1 hands high and 13 years old. She is sorrel in color with three white socks and a blaze face. With continued care and love the vet says Gracie will make a full recovery & we look forward to watching her grow in wellness & to evaluating her for what level rider she will need. We were told that she is broke & rides well. 
Update: Grace is doing so much better. Her feet will be ready for shoes in about 2 weeks. She will need a confident rider . She has gained weight & looks great. Gracie is VERY fast & we love to watch her run.
GRACIE HAS BEEN ADOPTED: She is a very loved and happy girl 


This amazingly precious girl was standing alone on a truck headed for slaughter. The stomping sound she made inside the trailer drew my attention to her and I could not believe my eyes. After I heard about her destination, I asked to take her off the truck for a better look. I was certain I would see her differently once on the ground. I was sure there must be something horribly wrong with her, but I was way off on that assumption. The only thing wrong with this sweet girl was the fact that she had fallen into the wrong hands. Fancy came from the line of the famous "Sultan" bloodlines. She was registered American Saddle Bred. The breeder had tried more than once to get her to foal. Since she could not produce the high dollar colt he desired, he was done with her and sold her cheap to get her off his hands. I really wasn't looking to buy a horse that day but, I simply asked the driver to turn his truck around and take her to my house. 
With 3 hooves too long and 1 too short and her body on the thin side, she ran through our pasture with her head & tail held high. I heard myself say aloud  "She looks like a dream". I found her barn name on some paperwork & called it out across the pasture ... and she came running. I stood in the yard and watched her for over an hour. Her graceful movement & beauty left me in awe of her. As I look back on that day I don't know who I would say was more fortunate, Fancy Or Me. Maybe it was fate? Maybe just a good God wind blowing, I'm not certain. All I know for sure is that it warms my heart to see her now. She lived with me for months & became sweeter all the time. She WANTED love & love I gave her. Fancy is pictured here with her new "Mom", Lyn. They're an amazing pair & both will forever be in my life. I love you Lyn & Fancy & I am so thankful for that day .. it has forever changed me. May God bless you both with a strong & perfect bond.

JC and Sandie

Sadie and JC (Mother & Daughter) were adopted together, just as we'd hoped. They now reside in a loving home in Toccoa, GA. God bless you girls and may Heaven's warmth always shine on you. 


Phoenix, like his half brother Banjo, came from a farm in Kentucky where the owner was too ill to care for them any longer. This beautiful set of blue eyes looked at me from across the pasture he was being kept in. I couldn't help but climb the fence to get closer to him. His mane was matted and his feet were overgrown. His ribs and back bone were way too visible to make him anything that one might give a second glance, but his eyes ... those beautiful blue eyes.. drew me closer. I waited for him to bolt away or kick, but he kept looking at me. I stopped in my tracks & decided that if he wasn't afraid then maybe he would approach me on his own. We were at a standoff for a few minutes while he looked me over. As if he was sizing me up, he began walking closer to me step by careful step. When he stopped right in front of me , I held out my hand towards his muzzle. He sniffed my hand and lifted his head to look me in the eye. I laid my hand on his forehead and started speaking softly to him ... without words he spoke back. This sad little guy rubbed his head against my chest then left it there. I turned and walked away saying to myself "I am not prepared for another horse, I am not ready for the responsibility" ... but he followed my every step. It really didn't matter what my head was telling me anymore, my heart knew he would not be left behind.
From the day Phoenix was unloaded from the trailer, he was nothing less than a gentleman. He is a young boy but seemed to want only to be close to people. He loves kids, he gets along great with his pasture mates, and never even offered to pin his ears back. He was such a sweet boy I thought maybe he would gain an attitude as he grew stronger & gained weight but, not Phoenix .... he was always the same tender heart every time I went out to him and he always enjoyed staying close by us.Phoenix is the definition of a diamond in the rough. I will always be grateful for being in the right place at the right time. He turned out to be an amazing boy. He has a family of his own now & was adopted with his brother Banjo. He now lives in Greenback, TN. 

Augustus - "Gus"

On a night we least expected to find this hidden treasure, there he stood. Twisted hooves that had never been tended to, mane all twisted, this and with little hope ... he looked in our eyes and told us ... Take me with you.
I had seen many Jacks and Jennys but, had never seen a face like this nor never had I seen a Mammoth Jack.
My friend & Whippoorwill partner, Jennifer went straight to where he stood and fell quickly head over heals.
I wasn't certain what we could do with him or what he could do for us but, we took the chance and brought him home. He was said to ride and pull a wagon and to this day we have never tried. Our sweet and precious Gus Gus has become a permanent fixture here at Whippoorwill and just to have him meet us at the gate, share his joy with us through his braying and his antics of his boyish charm is his only job. Everyone he meets is an instant fan and he truly has a way with the ladies horse and human alike. One mans trash is another mans treasure and to us he is SURELY a treasue. God blessed us the night we found you.


Stitch came to Whippoorwill Horses in need of a forever home and much needed weight gain. We saw him through his thinner days to a shinning & gorgeous Paso Fino. At times he struggled to fit in the herd until one day when someone who owned 2 Paso Fino mares reached out to us. We drove him down to Bethlehem, GA. in hopes it would be a good match and as Heaven saw fit ... it was. Our handsome boy now resides with his new mom, Cat and two lovely girls. Bless you baby ... now and always. 


I received a call from a lady who was very worried & upset about her horse in need of care. She explained that she was disabled and could no longer care for Luke nor afford the vet care his feet were in need of. 
Due to the very wet summer we had endured, he had developed several problems in his hooves from all the moisture/mud. We drove out to meet the owner as well as her horse. He was a big handsome fellow and seemed glad to have visitors. His mom wanted  us to take Luke with us and give him the chance at wellness she knew he deserved.  
Once i saw how painful it was for him to walk, I knew he had to go back with us. Luke had been in the pasture for over 3 years without being ridden. I worried how he would load on the trailer or if he would at all.
I also saw that Luke was blind on his right side so this was making me very nervous but, I took a deep breath & said a little prayer for all of our safety. It did take a little sweet talk, treats and convincing him it was safe to boar the trailer but, suddenly it was like something whispered to him ... "It's alright, you're safe" ... and he climbed aboard. As soon as Luke was on Whippoorwill soil, he was calm and sweet a horse as you could ask for. 
Luke wasn't his original name but, he answered to it and it was so fitting to him. After we cleaned him up and showered him with love and attention, he fit right in with all the other horses waiting to meet him in the pasture. He kept his calm and sweet demeanor once inside the little herd and I was so proud of him. 
Luke has now been seen by the farrier and we now know he suffered from thrush as well as the early stages of white line disease and abscesses in his hooves. Luke has now had his hooves trimmed, cleaned and we are keeping them medicated to clear up his problems. He is walking much better but, still in the healing process.
Luke accepts the blanket, saddle and rider. We look forward to working with him and hold to hope that he will be as sweet under saddle as he is on the ground. He is an awesome boy as well as handsome. 
Keep an eye on his progress as I believe he is going to be a super loving boy and trail horse. 
Luke is Morgan and Quarter Horse cross ... beautiful build.
UPDATE: LUKE HAS BEEN ADOPTED - His has a new home, life & girl 

Silas & Sadie

I was a few days in a row that I had that inner voice telling me that something was soon to change ... someone was going to need us. It was a night I had free and asked my friend Joretta if she would like to join me in going to the sale barn and see if I could find what I felt was calling to me. I had told her I would probably just go and buy a couple more lead rope/halters and we'd just take the trailer for just in case.
When we arrived we went directly to the "kill pen" to see if there were any needy faces waiting for us. Much to my surprise there was nothing there. We went in and bought a couple of things for the tack auction and hung around for the horse sale. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that my inner voice or gut feeling was wrong. All the horses went though and all of them were of good weight and healthy. Before we left I had spotted some mini horses and questioned the auction owner if any of them needed homes but, I was told they were just waiting to be picked up. As we were leaving the owner caught up with us and asked if we could wait  a minute. I made my way into the restroom as he spoke on the phone. When I came out he told us of 2 horses that had been dumped out at the sale barn. He asked if we  would like to see them but, he said they had been there a couple days before he found them and they were in poor shape. We were led far  to the back of the sale barn with no lights to show the way. The owner opened up his cell phone to show us the first of the two frail bodies. it was a little mare. As my eyes adjusted to the low light I could see 2 large mares guarding the roll of hay and the little mare almost ran me over as the 2 large mares pinned back their ears. I could see and feel the scars and missing hair on the little mare's body. I am certain that she had taken quite the beating for trying to get a bite to eat and she seemed pretty weak. Suddenly I felt a nudge beneath my elbow and when I turned to see what had made it's way beneath my arm I saw that it was another frail and young gelding. He wanted me to see him and know he was there. I was taken back a bit at the poor condition of their bodies and the fact that I had come across two lives in need and happy to realize my gut feeling had not led me astray. I worried about taking in more than one at a time due to finances but, as my friend said "How could we not take them both"
Once on the trailer both babies made the ride well and was very happy to be in the yard of Whippoorwill Horses and a good meal. First thing the next morning  went out to spend time with the new babies. In my mind I had gone over a plan to spent the day working on getting them the meds they needed, a good diet and cleaning up their wounds and rain rot. Throughout the day I saw the personalities begin to bloom and the names came to me. Silas was the sweet and loving gelding. Sadie was the name given to the precious little mare. I enjoyed watching them eat. I loved the fact that they enjoyed our company and let us work on their wounded bodies, brush them all over and never once did they offer to run from us or kick. I was careful not to brush across a protruding bone and used a gentle hand when dressing scars and cuts. Both were wormed within days and had their Tetanus shots. Every spare hour was spent having them out of the pasture to shower them with love and affection. When in the pasture they enjoyed being with the other horses but, stuck close to each others side. As time passed I took joy in watching them run to the gate to meet me and play in the yard with trust and no halters to keep them there. We believe Sadie may be pregnant but, not yet sure. Silas is is gaining weight finally and growing a healthy winter coat. Both Silas and Sadie have become our little shadows. They have already made some amazing strides n personality and health. Keep watching for this lovely pair as someday they will make a perfect forever friend. We don't yet know what they know about blanket, saddle or bit but, we will evaluate them as soon as we believe they are healthy enough. 

Both Silas and Sadie were adopted. Silas is now in show and Sadi works with special needs children. 

Just a little cowgirl, kicking up her heels. 
Riding her stick pony and wishing he was "real". 
One fine day she dreams of, when she'll have that one to call her own.
She wishes upon every star in hopes that he'll come home. 
To her there is no better than the sweet smell of his hair;
No sweeter touch than his muzzle or his kind, deep brown eyed stare. 
She tromps around in the dusty barn and longs to fill that stall
and keeps her heart believing and in faith she makes that call.
"Please Heaven, if you hear me, can you send the one I need?
I'll give all I have to love him, it doesn't matter what the breed."
One day when she doesn't know it, there's a God wind blowing strong. 
For angels heard her sweet request and she wasn't made to wait too long. 
Her vision stood before her and she was quick to seat his back.
She trusted him completely as she trotted him 'round the track.
He did not bolt nor falter as he sensed her honest heart. 
With pride he carried his little girl and thanked his Master for this new start.
For once his spirit had been broken while at the hands of man but,
This time would be different; as only she could understand.
This little cowgirl kept her promise and she sheltered him in love.
Angels danced around them and God smiled from above.
One stick pony can rest now, in the corner of a little cowgirls room.
Faith brought two hearts together and a "real" love is abloom.

By:Cathy Padgett * In honor if Silas* God bless Kloee


We had already decided that we could no longer be open for taking in more horses as we knew how hard the struggles of winter would be. No more than two days later we got a call for help for a mare in need that would probably not survive the cold in the shape she was in. 
The moment Mercy stepped off the trailer she seemed very low in spirit. She was thin, rain rot covered her back and she was missing hair that left her skin exposed to the elements. 
She was de-wormed, updated on shots and she seemed every so grateful to be exactly where she was. Some horses are unsure and scared on the first day but, not Mercy. Ever calm, perfect ground manners and seeking the human touch. 
Mercy thrive under love and care. She blossomed into the beauty she was on the inside to the lovely girl she was meant to be  on the outside. It wasn't long before she caught the eye of Linda Walker and her daughter. Mercy seemed to cast a spell of love on every life she came in contact with. 
Mercy was adopted by Linda Weber in Jan. 2015 and has a wonderful life ahead of her in the mountains of NC.
Again, Heaven stepped in and love prevailed. We're so glad you became a Whippoorwill & will love you always, 

Reuben "My Vendetta"

Reuben had lost his owner after she passed and at some point, he was lost in the shuffle and forgotten. Reuben is a TN Walker and on his papers there were 7 world champion bloodlines. Papers honestly mean nothing to me when it comes to horses but, it made me wonder about what he looked like in his days of glory and why he ended up in such sad shape. A lady had taken him and got him on the road to recovery but, although Reuben was 19 he was still full of spunk and the lady knew nothing about riding a gated horse. When she asked if we could take him we welcomed him to our herd. He was sweet, handsome although still thin and he loved being my shadow when in the pasture or working in the barn. I enjoyed his company and watching him strut across the pasture. Reuben was gaining weight and tarting to shine.Seems this sweet boy remembered everything about his glory days and his family was thrilled to have him as a new member. I look forward to seeing him again at his full potential. God bless you Reuben & Nia ... may you heal and be loved always. 


I had gone to buy a used saddle and stood leaning on a pasture fence. I wasn't paying much attention to what was inside the fence until I felt something lean down on my shoulder. I turned my head to meet eye to eye with a pitiful looking fellow. He had the most amazing eyes the looked directly into mine. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. 
When I inquired about him, I was told that he had come from a farm in Kentucky. The owner had became ill and had to sell the whole farm. Nothing other than that was known about this horse but, something told me he had a kind heart. When I learned he was due to head for slaughter, I borrowed the mans trailer and brought him home. 
From day one I had the name Banjo in my head and it stuck as his name. He was always quiet, sweet and loving. It took me 4 hours to save his mane & he loved every minute of the attention. While he ate I lifted a front hoof to check his feet. He was so weak that he fell down on one knee. My heart broke for him and I promised him then that he would be safe from now on. Since then Banjo has won many hearts. He now lives in Greenback, TN with his new family & brother Phoenix.


Annabelle was spotted in an auction barn very thin and frail with her skin and hooves in bad shape. She looked so lonely just standing there and her eyes begged for attention. The look on her face said that she had no idea where she was or why she ended up there. One look at this precious face and we knew she had to become a Whippoorwill. She is thought to be between the ages of 8 and 10 years of age, approx 15.1 HH and a QH Paint. She has had some training but, until she is well enough to ride, we can't be certain as to how much she knows under saddle. What we do know for sure is that she is very loving and friendly. She loves being with humans and is enjoying fresh green pasture and good food. She has had one medicated bath so far and was very well behaved. We are treating her skin problems and she is showing improvements already. She has been wormed, updated on tetanus and on antibiotics for the inflammation in her skin. Annabelle will soon be available for adoption and you're welcome to visit or call anytime. Welcome sweet girl, we're so glad you came.
ANNABELLE HAS BEEN ADOPTED: Thank You & God Bless you Amy.


On a mission to save another from a sad life, we headed to the sale barn. Often times too many are sold by the pound and as hard as it is to go, I have to follow my heart. As soon as I laid eyes on the pretty mare she had my attention. She was being ridden by adults as well as children in and around the sale barn. 
It was obvious that she was too thin to be ridden and she wore a saddle without a pad beneath it. I knew what lay beneath that saddle was an even sadder story. Once we got our chance, we owned this sweet girl and went back to see her in the barn. Her back looked worse that I had imagined but, I took a deep breath and kissed her face while telling her she was safe now. My friend Lisa asked if I had thought about a name and I told her Magdalene and she smiled and told me she had wanted the name Maggie ... and so it was, Maggie for short.
Once home we fed and pampered her before stalling her in our barn for the night. Maggie joined the herd the next day and fit right in. I worked on her mane, tail and sores that were infected from pressure points of the saddle. She was always patient with me as I completed anything I needed to do. Maggie fit in and  became more loving with time. Before I knew it, she gained weight and shined like a new penny. 
Once her adoption was announced, she had several people looking to adopt her but, she made a great connection with one visitor in particular. Maggie now resides at Twisted Oak Farms with her very own girl.
Congratulations Victoria Ford. We very much look forward to seeing the love continue  to grow between the two of you. I think you and Maggie are both very lucky. We love you both. Maggie is now "Dancing Flame"

Airness and Queenie (Valentine)

Rest in peace, Airness. Until we meet again

We received a phone call in regards to two mares that were in need of loving homes. They had been saved from becoming another forgotten horse by one human that was kind enough to bring them both into her barn. 
Both mares were very poor in health and had been diagnosed with cancer; melanoma. Dara brought both Queenie and Airness back up the to a better weight, got vet and farrier care for the girls as well as updating their shots and coggins. I can't tell you how scary it was to take on two horses with such an unsure outcome but, once I had the word out about them, adopters came forward and God stepped in. 
I was and still am astounded by the outpouring of love for these precious babies. This girl could not have asked for a better home or loving family. Today they are thriving and with meds to shrink the tumors in size, love is conquering their hurtful past. I want to also note that there is a shot now for melanoma in horses that stops it in it's tracks. It is still in the trial stages but, results so far show much promise. God bless the lives of Amy and her family who opened their hearts to love unconditionally for one who needed them most. Thank you God for answering my prayer. We will always love you Airness "More Than Air" 

Queenie has been re-named  "VALENTINE" - She is now on "Concept" for cancer and doing well here with us. 


Reno has been adopted by Crystal Head and resides in his new home in Dahlonaga, GA. 
Once a thin boy who's owner could no longer care for him, to the gorgeous boy he is today. 


Late one night at a sale I heard a commotion. From the corner of my eye I saw a small body rushed into the kill pen. I stopped what I was doing & went to investigate. There behind several other wild horses was the sweetest little head peaking up at me from the crowd. I asked that he be removed so I could see him. Poor little fellow was terrified & jumpy. Once he calmed down a bit, I took his lead rope in my hand. I led him around the barn a bit & he settled down a little. I was in awe of how handsome he was. Our hearts went out to him & knew he would not be left behind. It wasn't just his looks, he had such a sweet face that said he was something more. 
Once the trailer was ready, he ran to the open doors waiting for him. He hopped up on the trailer and turned around to look at us as if to say ... "lets go home" ...& that we did. 
Wyatt was the name that was given him. He was a calm & loving little boy. He was halter trained & very kind.
He now has a home where he will be forever loved & we ... his new family & I ...are ever so grateful. May God bless you in your new pasture & wonderful life, baby Wyatt.


The first day I saw  rain, she was standing in a creek with her head down and a wound on her shoulder. She looked so frail and lost. I couldn't stop thinking of her and returned during a rain storm (hence the name) to bring her home. Her wound was infected with fragments of bone protruding. The drainage had caused her skin beneath to scald and become raw. She was thin and timid but, I worked with Rain without knowing anything about her, other than the fact she needed help. She stood so patient and still while I did what I had to in order to make her well. She never once offered to kick, bite or pull away. It didn't take long to love this little girl. 

After having her teeth checked I learned she was only 4 years old. She was thin and wounded but, I knew there was a good future for her and I would do what ever it took  to help her find it.  After a couple weeks she stopped limping on her shoulder and toeing over on her rear leg. She ate well and appeared to feel better. I had my farrier trim her broken feet and she looked even better after she put on weight. With three months of rest and care, Rain made a strong comeback. She was ready for the saddle and rider test and past both with flying colors. She was AMAZING. 
I could not believe that someone had let this sweet little gem of a girl get in such sad shape. Rain is now in a very loving home.