Although Dobbins and Priscilla came to us from two different situations, both of these horses were in trouble. Dobbins had gone through many winters without shelter and being a Belgium, he should have been much bigger and heavier boy. It took some time to get him to Whippoorwill but, in the end he came to a large green pasture and welcoming arms. He has always been pure joy to be around. He gained weigh easily and we gt his hooves in good shape with a few proper trimmings. Even though he wasn't too familiar with a farrier, he was a good boy and got through the experience.

Priscilla came to us when we were contacted by a friend asking if we would take her in if she rescued her from slaughter. Far away in a kill pen in LA our friend reached out and saved her. After weeks of waiting, she finally arrived. She was such a pretty mare and in good shape. In time she proved she was a well behaved girl under saddle and she connected with Dobbins right away in the pasture.

The two had moths to adjust and bond with many people waiting for the day they would be ready for adoption. I couldn't be more pleased with their journey and the happy ending that awaited them. They found their forever home with Vance and Kay Murphy. They have begun their journey with a new family, large green pasture, a two stall barn and all the happiness life owed to them. So thankful for their lives crossing my own.  


He was once leased to a young boy for several years but, when the boy grew up and left for collage, Damien ended up in two seizures through animal control. Thankfully the parents of the young boy had kept tabs on Damien's whereabouts and came to his rescue both times. In time he was shipped here from CT to become a Whippoorwill. He's a handsome fellow and brings much love to his new Mom, Tammy. May God continue to bless you my friends. 

When I saw her my heart hurt in that old familiar way. I asked myself again, how can this happen. She was gentle, timid and I could feel her drawing love directly from my heart. Her body and skin condition was simply pathetic but, I could feel her spirit alive and trying to resurface. She was so unsure I had to hand feed her for the first couple of days. I named her Adaiah. She wanted my company and I was so happy to join her every chance I got. I began her skin care right away and got a winter jacket on her. A visit to the vet showed one of the worst cases of neglected teeth Dr. Scott had ever seen. I held onto to her as the abscess was pulled and held her close in days to come. Her transformation was just as beautiful as I believed it would be. Her desire to live, thrive and love showed in her beautiful eyes. Adaiah became all I dreamed she would be ... and more. She could hold a rider again, she never bolted or moved away. She was watched by many and in the end she found the love of two hearts, Brooke and Tom. She lives a life now that any horse would hope for. She has her pasture mate and previous friend, Esther at her side. I am so honored to hear from her on a weekly basis and to know she is getting all the love she desired refills my hope in this world that can be so unkind. God bless you precious Adaiah. My love to you always. 


I don't normally go to the "stud pens" to look when I am on a rescue mission at the sale barn but, on this particular night ... I was drawn there. I looked down upon a thin and scared boy that was so easy to see the perfection in. His face showed signs of rough handling but his eyes held something that spoke to me. I watched as he was brought through the auction without one bid in his direction. Due to the fact that he was fully intact ... I didn't bid either. 
I watched this gentle soul vanish through the door he came through and my heart sank. Before I knew where my feet were taking me, I stood before him with a halter in hand to carry him away home.
Watching him grow in strength as his muscles began to shine ... my love for him grew. Jonah was as amazing as Heaven told me he would be. Today he thrives in love and light with the family of Amy Malham in Cumming, GA. 
God bless you all ... I'll never forget our meeting, Jonah. I love you always. You make me so proud.

I found her in a "stud run" inside an auction. She was so frail that although I almost never consider looking in the stud area, I was somehow drawn to this part of the barn. I had my hands on her body and my heart knew this horse would have another chance. After a few minutes I found that she had been placed there by accident and this was actually a mare. I asked that she get a number and a Coggins test so I could bid on her when she was brought through the sale. Once I could see her entire body my I ached all the more to get her to safety. Eventually she trusted my touch more and I found a tattoo inside her lip. I named her, Ester. She was a registered "Pacer" horse that had fallen on very hard times. There were old scars of "Pin Firing" on one leg and there were issues in her hips. Months passed as I watched her blossom and grow in body & spirit. When I felt it safe to give her a test ride, she was very well behaved but still had a slight limp. I worried she would never find a loving home but, I loved her and did all I could to help her. Her teeth were floated and this also helped her to gain weight. She loved to spend time with me in the yard and enjoy one on one time as well as receive a little extra at meal time. Today I am happy & honored to report that Esther has a mot loving home alongside her friend, Adaiah. Despite her age and all the heartache she suffered, Esther is looked upon and the treasure she is. She helped a hurting heart and taught the simple joy of loving a horse that had no more to offer than to love her new family back. When Heaven drew me to where she was ... it was meant to be. Always listen with your heart. As strong as your given name, live well sweet Esther. Thank you SO much for loving her Brooke!!


Misty was in need of a loving forever home & Ann needed to fill an empty place in her heart. Together they are very happy and Ann is an amazing mama. God bless you Ann, John & Misty.



I had been asked by a friend to take in a Mustang in order to help his owner help him. Shine had been an escape artist and didn't like being alone in the pasture. He had been tied to a pole in order to keep him safe but, this was not a life for this young boy. He was 5 years when he was captured in the wild in Colorado. When he arrived he had loaded onto the trailer and behaved very well for his travel. He is a handsome boy, seems well mannered and very smart. We don't know much about his training as he has just arrived today 4/21/14 and he will start with ground work to see what he knows. Keep an eye on him as he will be ready for adoption as soon as we know what level rider he will nee. Welcome Shine .. we love you already. Shine is now 7 years of age & a registered BLM Mustang.
Update: Shine came to trust Shawn and Jamie. This is now his forever home. 


Zina is a pretty Buckskin mare. 
She is very much under weight, in need of dental work, farrier care and has a bad case of rain rot. 
Once she begins to improve and gain weight we will know more about her personality. As for now she is shy and somewhat fearful of humans. I'm hoping the vet will be able to give us an idea of her age as we move forward with her care. She is eating well and has been wormed as well as having skin treatments.
Look for her updates and send her a prayer for healing. We're so glad she's with us now.
Zina is making great strides and will soon be evaluated under saddle - SHE DOES NOT DO WELL WITH DOGS. 
UPDATE: Zina has been adopted. Trust and love brought her safely home. Congratulations Andrea & Zina. 


Walker is a handsome Quarter Horse who needed his own girl who loved him with her whole heart. When the day came that he met Madison, there was an instant bond. He now resides with her in Cumming, GA and many happy hours are spent together on a pretty farm. God brought you together & we wish you many happy days together. 


Darla was rescued from the sell barn. She was thin, in need of deworming and lots of love. Tammy got the pony she dreamed of, Damien got the friend he needed and Darla has a new chance for a wonderful life. God bless you again Tammy.